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Who We Are

Since 1996, RJM Acquisitions LLC, a Syosset, New York-based firm, has built an excellent reputation to become a leading purchaser of consumer debt.

RJM purchases debt from major banks, financial institutions, catalog companies, book clubs, music clubs, and DVD clubs.

RJM’s primary method of contacting customers is by mail. Our letters offer unique and flexible settlement and re-payment options.

What We Do

RJM is proud of its highly skilled professional dedicated Customer Service staff that balances resolution-oriented customer service with a calm and caring approach to customers. We understand the concerns of our customers and recognize that financial issues impact each person differently.

RJM has both the experience and flexibility to offer customers a range of creative debt resolution options tailored to fit their individual needs, situations, and abilities to pay.

Our Management Team

RJM’s President, Officers, Principals, and Managers are industry professionals with over fifty years of combined experience in the collection business and over thirty years of combined experience in acquiring distressed debt. Many of our key support personnel and staff have come to us from related careers in the financial sector.

RJM’s vision is based on core business values; integrity, teamwork, and a commitment to quality.

RJM's Mission Statement

Our mission is to compassionately and amicably resolve Customer accounts, with a philosophy that distinguishes us from others in the industry, without regard to time constraints as an integral element of resolution. We require the highest standards of performance and customer service from all staff and vendors, and we treat all consumers with fairness, dignity and respect in full compliance with collection law and the policies of our organization.

RJM's Privacy Policy

Information We May Collect

RJM Acquisitions LLC may collect the following personal information: (1) information that we receive from your account file at the time we purchase or begin to service your account, such as your name, address, social security number, and assets; (2) information that you may give us through discussion with you, or that we may obtain through your transactions with us, such as your income and payment history; (3) information that we receive from consumer reporting agencies, and; (4) information that we obtain from other third party information providers, such as public records and databases that contain publicly available data about you, such as bankruptcy and mortgage filings. All of the personal information we collect is referred to as "collected information".

Confidentiality and Security of Collected Information

At RJM, we restrict access to collected information about you to individuals who need to know such collected information in order to perform services in connection with your account. We maintain physical safeguards (like restricted access), electronic safeguards (like encryption and password protection), and procedural safeguards (such as authentication on procedures) to protect collected information about you.

Sharing Collected Information with Affiliates and Third Parties
Sharing with Affiliates

From time to time, RJM may share collected information about customers and former customers with their affiliated financial services companies in connection with administering and collecting accounts.

Sharing with Third Parties

RJM will not share collected information about customers or former customers with third parties, except as permitted by applicable privacy law. For example, collected information may be shared in certain circumstances (A) with third parties, to service or enforce accounts, (B) with credit reporting agencies, and (C) with law enforcement officials, to protect against fraud or other crimes.

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